Leaky Gut – intestinal/bowel hyperpermeability, food allergy

This is the first post about treating the CAUSE of Atopic Eczema. It’s a big step in treatment, when you find the cause. But don’t forget − finding the cause is NOT more important than care of the skin.

Leaky gut, intestinal hyperpermeability, bowel hyperpermeability and gastrointestinal permeability are various names for the same condition – a lack of mucosal integrity, which results in food allergies and autoimmune disorders such as Atopic Eczema, psoriasis, asthma, etc. Continue reading

What is Herpes, treatment

This post is about how to recognize herpes and how to get rid of herpes for ever. It is written mainly for eczema sufferers but it is suitable for everyone who suffers from herpes. Eczema and herpes is like water and hot oil. Very bad results in both cases. You can actually die from herpes during its acute phase (when it’s really bad) or later when you get brain cancer, which is believed is mainly caused by herpes (link here). It’s like HPV is responsible for all cervical cancers and most anal, vaginal, vulvar, penile, and oropharyngeal cancers (link here). So you get the idea why it’s important to get rid of herpes, which is possible, just continue reading.

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Staphylococcus aureus – treatment without antibiotics

When you have Atopic Eczema (atopic dermatitis) you are probably infected with the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. In the study named Staphylococcus aureus in the lesions of atopic dermatitis,  90% of patient with chronic plaques were infected. 100% of patient with the exudative (wet) form of eczema were infected. Staph. aureus was the dominant organism not only in these lesions but in nearby clinically normal skin.

With increasing severity of the Atopic Eczema, the presence of Staph. aureus bacteria increases and natural skin bacteria (S. epidermitis and S. hominis) decreases. In fact, Staph. aureus can overtake 80% of the normal, harmless, skin microflora.

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Phototherapy for Atopic Eczema. Which type to choose?

Phototherapy is another quick and easy way, to help your Atopic Eczema. You can use it to improve your condition before you actually find the cause of your eczema, which may take years.

Atopic Eczema and psoriasis are the two most common indications for UV phototherapy. Both eczema and psoriasis have natural remissions during the summer which supports the theory of the beneficial characteristics of phototherapy. Phototherapy is well documented and tested, so today it is a standard in treatment of Atopic Eczema.

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Bath and Atopic Eczema

My last post was about how to shower when you have Atopic Eczema. This post is about bathing.

Showering is the choice for eczema or any dermatitis, but there are conditions when a bath is better, for example when your Atopic Eczema is very badly infected with bacteria, most often with Staphylococcus aureus. My Staphylococcus aureus was so bad, that I had folliculitis all over my body. Folliculitis is the condition of pimples (pustules) forming in a hair follicle.

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Showering and Atopic Eczema

After not using corticosteroids and knowing all about eczema creams this is the most important information about skincare – How to shower.

Here is a short story about how I found out the most important thing about showering:
I lived four months on a beach front in Croatia. I went home in the middle of September when the water is not as warm as in the high season. If there was a storm at night, the water was really cold for the next few days. I was living near the sea, because it`s a super effective treatment.

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All about Eczema creams

Moisturizers are one of the most important things for getting your Atopic Eczema under control. You lose more water and heat from your skin than is usual, which leads to dry and itchy skin.

It is very important not to underestimate moisturizers, with only moisturizers you can achieve very quick and visible improvement.

I tried all of the creams that were available at the time. I just opened the web page of a big online pharmacy and bought all of the creams for Atopic Eczema. I really made it. All creams were corticosteroid free.

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Should I use corticosteroids?

I started my first “real” post with corticosteroids because it is most probably the first thing that your doctor prescribed for you. The first known use of corticosteroids was in 1944 and the discoverers were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1950. Corticosteroids have a strong anti-inflammatory effect and can quickly achieve remission of Atopic Eczema.

And now let me tell you my experience:

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Atopic Dermatitis, Atopic Eczema or Neurodermatitis?

Before I actually start writing my experiences with Atopic Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis) in this blog we need to make clear some basic things.

Here is the problem: Each time I visited a doctor I ended up with a different diagnosis. Once it was Atopic Dermatitis, once neurodermatitis another time it was eczema herpeticum and many other names. It looked like doctors had many names for the same thing. I was asking myself, how can the doctors want to treat something when they don`t even agree on the name of the disease?

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