All about Eczema creams

Moisturizers are one of the most important things for getting your Atopic Eczema under control. You lose more water and heat from your skin than is usual, which leads to dry and itchy skin.

It is very important not to underestimate moisturizers, with only moisturizers you can achieve very quick and visible improvement.

I tried all of the creams that were available at the time. I just opened the web page of a big online pharmacy and bought all of the creams for Atopic Eczema. I really made it. All creams were corticosteroid free.

First: be aware of scams!

The MAJORITY of creams contain corticosteroids illegally. Read this study, the results are shocking. In short: Twenty four creams were analysed, 20 of them contained corticosteroids illegally!!!  So that’s why I prefer creams from big established manufacturers over “herbal” and “natural”.

When to apply a cream?

Every morning get yourself a quick shower with cold water. Gently use the towel for the upper half of your body, then apply a cream to it, then the same thing again for the lower part of the body. It has to be done quickly. That’s why it’s divided into two steps, because you will lock more water inside your skin.

Very important: you have to use a towel very gently, never rub your skin with the towel. Eczematics use to scratch themselves with a towel, which is bad. It’s much worse than scratching with hands. The best way is just touching your skin with the towel.

How much cream to apply?

Use only a very thin layer of cream. Stay a few minutes in the bathroom and apply another thin layer if needed. Using too much cream at once is a very common mistake among beginners and can cause severe itching. Take some loose clothing. If needed, come back again in 30 minutes to put another layer on the most affected areas.

So just like clothing in winter – LAYERS.

What cream is good for atopic eczema?

You will probably need to try all the creams yourself as I did. For me, these are the best creams on the market in this order:

1. Bioderma atoderm

Make sure you are buying the flat atoderm. There are more variations like atoderm PP, atoderm PO ZINC and they look exactly the same, so make sure there is not a PP, or PO in the blue circle. Flat atoderm is the best cream for me, it`s big – 500 ml – and has a pump, so it’s easy for everyday use, especially when you use it 20 times a day like I did. On the other hand, PO or PP ZINC (I don`t remember which one) was so bad for me that I had to throw into the trash because I never used it. Go for flat first… I use it for whole body except face and genitals. When I used it on the face, the skin was soaked and uncomfortable. This cream is odourless.

Bioderma Atoderm Eczema

2. Eucerin Omega 12%

Again a very good cream, it contains Omega 6, which is the substance missing in the Atopic Eczema skin compared to healthy skin. That’s why it is also good to eat omega 6 when you have eczema. I used it on the whole body, it has a small odor. Again make sure, you are buying the Eucerin Omega 12% and not Eucerin Urea, because they looks similar.

Eucerin Omega, Eucerin Urea

3. Excipial U Hydrolotion

First cream in the list that is partially paid by health insurance in my country. It’s a good-enough cream, it`s water based. There is also an Excipial u Lipolotio which is oil based. Good for whole body, perfumed. Do not scratch yourself after application of this cream, plenty of small rashes will appear and it will be so itchy that you will have to go to the shower again and cream yourself with Bioderma Atoderm.


4. Lipobase cream

Lipobase is a thick cream which I use only on the face and neck. Since Lipobase is thick cream I often mix it with local immunomodulator – calcineurin inhibitors (i.e. Protopic). Never ever mix calcineurin inhibitors with thin cream based on water(like Bioderma). Your skin will burn like hell. Also don`t use Protopic after bathing and before tanning. Rather wait till my post about Protopic. The manufacturer of Protopic does not recommend the dilution (mixing) of the cream.



How to try a new cream?

So you just came home with a new cream? Never apply a new untried cream on the whole body. First day use just a little bit on one hand. If it’s OK you can use it as much as you want. I can tell you my stories and stories of my friends about making ourselves a very bad day just because of our impatience. Be smart and learn from our mistakes.

Is it safe to use skin moisturizers?

When I was using four 500 ml creams every month, one question came up. Will my skin be able to produce skin oil again after I find out the cause of my eczema?

Yes, it’s safe. I found one study about that and also tried on myself. After I found the cause of my eczema I stopped using the moisturizers on most of my body at once. The skin had no problem with that, even after 7 years of heavy usage. Now I’m just using it on the neck and flexural areas, sometimes not using it at all.

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2 thoughts on “All about Eczema creams

  1. Hi i have been suffering from atopic eczema from since child birth and i have tried various ointments and creams and i even tried to go bangladesh and try herbal but nothing has worked soo far and i have come to the point of trusting no one

    • Hi Abdul,

      I came to that point too. I just cannot understand how somebody can steel money(selling BS products) from very ill people suffering from Atopic Eczema. I recommend use google scholar and read studies. But still, some studies are wrong.

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