Leaky Gut – intestinal/bowel hyperpermeability, food allergy

This is the first post about treating the CAUSE of Atopic Eczema. It’s a big step in treatment, when you find the cause. But don’t forget − finding the cause is NOT more important than care of the skin.

Leaky gut, intestinal hyperpermeability, bowel hyperpermeability and gastrointestinal permeability are various names for the same condition – a lack of mucosal integrity, which results in food allergies and autoimmune disorders such as Atopic Eczema, psoriasis, asthma, etc.

How do we get a leaky gut?

Most probably you were born with it. So there is nothing that you can be faulted for or did wrong. There are several things that affect the gut, such as duration of breastfeeding, the type of first food received, bacterial flora, etc. The connection between leaky gut and Atopic Eczema is tight, because differences in the neonatal gut microflora precede the development of atopy.

There is a way to prevent the development of leaky gut in infants:

Probiotics during the pregnancy or shortly after birth
Pregnant women who took probiotic supplements (Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri) were significantly less likely to have a baby who developed eczema. Probiotics are also beneficial after the birth if they are given to both mother and infant. For more information, read the study.

The duration of breastfeeding has a protective effect against developing Atopic Eczema in infants. Early supplement feeding increased the risk of Atopic Eczema. Read more about optimal duration of breastfeeding.

Leaky gut can also develop later in life due to factors such as chronic stress, poor diet, excess alcohol, intestinal infections, small intestine bacterial overgrowth, environmental contaminants etc.

How to treat leaky gut?

I have tried many remedies for treatment of leaky gut and Nalcrom(sodium cromoglycate) works for me.

Here is one report on gastrointestinal permeability and Nalcrom: 22 children were investigated on two occasions, before and after treatment with Nalcrom. 11 children suffered allergies and 11 were healthy. The intestinal permeability barrier was tested with colon irritators (PEG400 and PEG1000). In the allergic children the permeability properties had returned to normal. Good news isn’t it? Visit your allergist …

There are several studies, which prove that Glutamine stabilizes the gut’s barrier function and reduce bacterial translocation. Read one of the studies for more information. You can buy glutamine without need of a prescription from any health food store, pharmacy or body-building e-shops.

The daily dose for curing leaky gut is 20 grams a day divided into three doses. So around seven grams three times a day between meals. Preferably on empty stomach.

You should also take probiotics for a few months and change your life style (attention to stress, alcohol, diet, insufficient exercise, etc.)

Don’t do colon cleansing!
First off, there’s no evidence that colon cleansing has any health benefits.  Twenty studies on colon cleansing have been reviewed. I have tried it six times and for a long while I believed it was working. When I tried the first time, my eczema was really bad (whole body). I practised one day of starvation and on the second day I performed the colon cleansing. My eczema got better. But as soon as I ate something, the eczema became very bad again. I just noticed the improvement in my eczema, so I thought it was beneficial. Today I know that the opposite is true.

There is an explanation for temporary improvement. People who suffered with eczema or psoriasis during World War II, and had been detained in concentration camps, noticed improvements in their skin condition. How is that possible, when they were under so much stress and exposed to bad hygiene? They were starving. During starvation the body releases a hormone named cortisol. And when I tell you that hydrocortisone is synthetically produced cortisol, you will understand why your skin gets better during the period of starving. Hydrocortisone is an immunity response suppressant to be found in corticoid creams.

Now you know why it seems to work, and why colon cleansing is bad.
I also tried colon cleansing when my skin was perfectly OK. And my skin just got worse and worse every day after a colon cleanse. So I had to start over again − Nalcrom, daosin, probiotics, diet, skin-care, phototherapy, etc. It took me two weeks to repair the damage.

Just don’t do colon cleansing. If you don’t believe me, Google something like, “colon cleanse bad.”

Be careful with Chinese tea
I have tried to drink several types of tea and nothing worked. My subjective result is that there is no difference between plain water and tea. But you have to be very careful with Chinese tea, otherwise you will end up like other people waiting for renal transplantation. There is a nephrotoxic compound present in these herbs, which can lead to end-stage renal failure. Doctors suggest tighter regulation of these products. Read the study.

I hope you will not be cheated and fooled as I was many times with natural remedies, home remedies, natural eczema treatment solutions, herbal remedies, creams that illegally contained corticoids, etc.


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  1. Hey, just stumbled across your blog. Really appreciate you doing this. I’m intending to try out a sea salt scrub to see if it helps. It helped me when I was a lot younger but since then my eczema has come back.

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